Bob Waldrep


The Truth Behind the Secret

The Secret has suddenly become all the rage. Out of seemingly nowhere it has become one of the nation’s hottest bestselling books of all time and attracted unparalleled media attention. What is going on? At first glance, the message of The Secret is very appealing. It’s about making your life better and having everything you’ve ever wanted. The key is to apply an ancient principle called “the Law of Attraction.” But a closer look reveals some facts that raises questions that need to be addressed and discussed. Apologetics experts James Walker and Bob Waldrep have written a thoughtful and biblically based critique of ideas contained in The Secret.The Truth Behind The Secret is a clear and powerful book that will compel readers to think about and discuss this hot cultural phenomenon found in the runaway bestseller, The Secret.

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Complete Evangelism Guidebook (Contributor)
Nearly ten million Americans have recently said they are "absolutely committed" to both the Christian faith and to sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with others. Still, many people don't know where to start, what to say, or how to say it. The Complete Evangelism Guidebook is a comprehensive resource on everything a person needs to know about sharing his or her faith. Well-known evangelists such as Rick Warren, Josh McDowell, and Luis Palau combine their knowledge into one comprehensive and easy-to-read handbook. This practical guide will explain how to define, demonstrate, declare, and defend faith with almost anyone from almost any background--friend, co-worker, atheist, agnostic, or someone else. With more than seventy articles written by nearly sixty evangelism experts, The Complete Evangelism Guidebook will make sharing the faith easier than ever!

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The Popular Encyclopedia of Apologetics (Contributor)
The project has brought together dozens of experts, including highly recognizable names such as Al Mohler, David Noebel, Gary Habermas and Dillon Burroughs, to focus on apologetics as well as topics that either rely on or can inform good apologetics. Over 150 signed entries are presented for both budding apologetics and well-versed veterans to easily access, most with multiple reference sources for deeper study. Early church fathers, cults, heresies and philosophical ideas are given space to breathe alongside worldview, postmodernism, atheism and theories of truth. Extensive articles covering apologetics methods, Christ, the Bible, and God make this a thorough, comprehensive tome.

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